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    GM-F Kathrine Please UnBanned my Acc


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    GM-F Kathrine Please UnBanned my Acc

    Post by Driftz103 on Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:04 pm

    Hi I'm [ChenKha][09]<3 on LoS but now I'm Ban for no reason.

    And Poseidon Banned me i stoled he's Items but i didnt.?

    And Please Unbanned my Driftz103.

    POseidon f u see my Massage Please Do Some i Didnt Get Any Items of yours
    and f i do Ban YHEAL[*] not Me. i am really not a Scammer ! and f u Unbanned my [ChenKha][09]<3 i will give you the Items what YHEAL[*] Stole from you.

    Regards/ LoS Member

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