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    Read Before Make Application

    Post by [GS]Salvatore on Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:32 pm

    Hello Everyone.If You Visit This Forum It Means You Wish To Be Part Of our Awesome Team.Which Is Nice , And We're Really Glad To See You Want To Help Make LoS A Better Server.
    If You Want To Join Us In First Case You Have To Fill In This Small Application.We Want To Know More About You Before We Get Decision.
    Thank You.
    Good Luck


    Hello Everyone.You Have To Meet With Some Requirements If You Wish To Join Us.

    Activity On The Server Is The Most Important.We Need Very Active to help player who are new to the server or To Keep The Peace On The Server When There's No High Staff member.

    Most Of The Players On The Server Speak English.We Need For Members Who Can Speak English Well.This Requirement Is Important Too , Because If You Can't Communicate With The Players There's No Point For You To Be A Staff.

    I Think It's Obvious.You Must Have High Experience About The Game , So You Can Help People Better.

    More Coming Soon

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