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    DEALER scammer


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    DEALER scammer

    Post by Mystogan on Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:16 pm

    Name Of Rulebreaker (Ingame Name) : DEALER
    Time Zone (When Did It Happen/GMT) : 10:45 GMT+8
    Proof (Screen Shot / Video) : http://img.techpowerup.org/121004/Shaiya0001.jpg

    1st link shows that he agreed on the deal of 1 g.loop for 2 elite Serpent Hammer, then the 2nd link shows the transaction that has been done and the scammed happens. I only receive 1 elite serpent hammer, I didn't expect him to scam me so I didnt have an ss during transaction. The last link shows that he was gone probably because of what he was done to me and his guilt. I tried to pm him but i cant deliver the message because he logged off.
    I will be after to that guy and hope you also do the right move to prevent things like this to happen. I know I have some recklessness during the transaction but I wasn't expecting that to happen and it happened so fast. I am hoping for your action immediately. Thank You.


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