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    Request Avatar&Banner

    Post by [GS]Salvatore on Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:02 am

    We All Know Not Everyone Can Make Banner Or Avatar For The Profile
    Cause Of It We Made This Theard To Help People Get Their Own Avatar Or Banner

    Please Fill In This Short Instruction

    Request Avatar

    Link (For The Picture Or Just Simply Upluad It Here) :
    Size (LenghtxWeight) :
    Text (Text On The Avatar) :

    Request Banner

    Link (For The Picture Or Just SImply Upload It Here) :
    Size (LenghtXWeight) :
    Text (Text On The Banner) :

    You Can Post In This Theard Your Request

    Staff Members That May Make Your Banner.If You Have Any Question About The Avat Or Banner

    More Staff Member Will Be Added Soon

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